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At Executive Apparel our brands cover all uniform categories from school uniforms and collegiate blazers to hospitality and corporate executive apparel. With more than 10 brands to choose from, designing a uniform program is easy. Choose from in-stock products or design a unique branded custom garment.

School and Collegiate Apparel

We know school uniforms -- from custom colors to standard oxfords.

EA: Elite School Uniforms & Blazers

Elite School Uniforms & Blazers

Blazers, vests, and oxford shirts for your students are available in a wide range of sizes and styles perfect for showing school pride.

Club Colors

Our special Ultralux motion fabric sets this line apart, with vests and blazers of all colors for school apparel and career apparel.


Explore our exceptional blazer and vest collection for students.

Career Apparel

From blazers, vests, pants, skirts, and more -- our career apparel will make you feel confident at work.


Blazers and pants for men and women to set you apart in style and in comfort.


Front of the house apparel has never felt as comfortable, and looked as good.


Career apparel in a sustainable fabric is here, in style, with EcoTex.

Women's Fit

Designed for uniform in a way that make women feel comfortable, trendy, and confident.

Better Blouses

Our exceptional women’s collections will make you feel confident and comfortable on the job.


We make our career apparel and school apparel lines with women in mind, from fit to style.


Our special fabric ensures comfort and a polished look.

Our Promise

We’ve remained a trusted partner in uniform and career apparel since 1934 by putting our customers first.

  • Program Management

    Create a unique identity for your business apparel with our flexible in-stock customizing program.

  • Consistent Innovation

    Find the latest and greatest styling for men and women in uniform and career apparel.

  • Trusted Since 1934

    Our brand leads the way in style, innovation, and a unique understanding of our clients.

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