How do you help them decide between patches and uniform embroidery for branded blazer programs? A good distributor offers advice based on basic information about the program’s recipients. Ask your buyer these 3 important questions about the group. 

  • Is the logo design complicated or simple?
  • Will you decorate with a patch or direct embroidery?
  • Are the blazers for a club, school or company with one location or is it a nationwide program for many locations?
 Uniform Embroidery or Patches for Blazer Programs?

Three things affect the cost of the project. Embellishing, altering and logistics. Your customer will often rely on your expertise to determine the direction. Branded uniform blazers are often embroidered so that may be your client’s first thought. An alternative is to sew an embroidered patch onto a pocket or lapel. Apparel embellishment costs less per garment when the number of garments is high. A smaller number of garments will cost more each.

While a high-end program may require an embroidered logo, a school or club blazer may need a patch. In some cases budget will dictate the direction.

Embroidered Logo Cost Variables 

  • How many stitches and number of colors are used to create the logo?
  • Will the logo be sewn on the outer fabric of the coat, which requires opening seams and resewing or will it be sewn through the pocket and lining to cut costs?
  • Will all the garments be embroidered at the same time or will they be sent in batches? To reset an embroidery machine between designs takes time (and labor). You’ll want to have all your coats done in one shot. You’ll pay more per coat for small batches.

Sewn-on Patches May Save Money

Many of the rules of embroidery apply when ordering patches. High volume = lower cost per patch. More complicated designs generally cost more but, patch manufacturers have templates and patch shapes that work with many logos. You may get lucky and find one that suits your needs which is cheaper than have a custom shape made. Custom patches cost more and are based on similar variables as embroidery. Shop around and do your homework. Get to know a reputable company. That relationship can save you money in the long run.

Don’t Forget Logistics Cost when Working with Budgets

The logistics of a project is also a major costing factor and if not considered, can make or break a deal. Blazers and uniforms need fittings and alterations.  A school, club or a large company serving one location can do this for everyone in the same place with one tailor. A nationwide program with many locations usually outsources the tailoring to many locations. Shipping to multiple locations affects your bottom line therefore, you’ll want to consider drop-ship fees must for this type of program. Also consider tailoring times and fees. Get referrals for great, fast tailors to keep your project within budget. 

Logos provide brand recognition for your business and uniform embroidery showcases your business logo on your staff’s clothing. A small visual reminder that ensures brand recognition. Whether it is a mark on your stationery, a sign on your building or a patch on your uniform, your logo is a symbol of your brand that should be identifiable at a glance. With our state of the art embroidery machinery we can give your logo dimension, texture and color to make it truly pop!

If you do not have a logo we will be happy to work with you on developing one that suits your company for an additional fee. Please review the chart and codes below with your Customer Service Representative to get a price quote today.

Uniform Embroidery Stitch Count Chart Executive Apparel Uniforms

How to Order

Step 1 – Send your artwork in one of the formats listed below.

Please send digital artwork files in one of the following formats: TIF, BMP, JPG, EPS, AI, PSD, PDF, PNG
Provide black & white high quality print of the digital file
Business card, letterhead or high quality color print.

Some of these formats may require retouching for an additional art fee to insure quality reproduction.

Step 2 – Indicate your thread preferences.

If possible, tape your logo (cut out from your letterhead, or business card) and indicate colors. Maximum of 9 thread
colors. Please provide color number code if possible.

Step 3 – Choose your Logo placement.

A logo can be applied almost anywhere but when choosing a location you must consider how much deconstruction and reconstruction of the garment is required to get to the area to sew. Ask your representative to help you understand cost cutting shortcuts.

For more information about uniform embroidery and patches fill out and submit the form below.