Terms & Conditions

We are grateful for your loyalty and the partnership we have shared over the years.

At times clients have questions related to our business policies, and we felt it was beneficial to provide that information in one message vs. many individual messages.

Account Set-up and Payment Terms

  • If you are new to doing business with us, a completed credit application is required along with a current resale certificate. Our standard payment terms are net 30 days, and open terms may be available to customers after review by our credit department.
  • All new accounts will be set up as credit card payment upon shipment until credit is approved.
  • Accounts granted open terms that use a credit card for payment will be subject to a 2% surcharge.
  • Accounts with open payment terms can make payments via check or ACH.
  • Any account past due on payment terms will be put on hold until the past due balance is paid, or arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • Customers that habitually miss agreed upon payment terms risk loss of benefit of discount pricing structure.
  • Late Payments are subject to a 1% service charge per month for any balance not paid within terms.
  • C.O.D’s are available on individualized basis and need to be preapproved.
  • Companies which refuse preapproved C.O.D packages will be responsible for round trip freight charges.

Shipping and Returns

  • If you believe you received an incomplete shipment, claims must be made within 14 days of receipt; late claims will not be honored.
  • All returns require a return authorization.
  • Invoice numbers are required to obtain a return authorization number.
  • Returns must be made within 45 days of receiving merchandise.
  • All merchandise must be returned in the same condition as when shipped to receive credit.
  • Returns made due to customer error may be subject to a 10% restocking charge.
  • No returns will be accepted on discontinued/closeout products.
  • Credits issued for returns are applied net any outstanding invoices unless otherwise specified.
  • Credits issued expire after 1 year.
  • Additional fee for expedited shipping

Value Added Services

  • In house hemming is provided at $8.50 per garment.
  • “Blind” shipping, not designating FCG as the shipper, is available upon request.
  • Drop shipping is available for most all orders. All drop shipments under $100 are subject to $5 handling charge.

We are grateful for your business and loyalty to our brand.

Fabian Couture Group