• 72 units for Blazers and Dresses specifically 2 per size
  • 144 units for all other garment types specifically 2 per size
  • 1000 yard minimum for dyed fabric paid in full prior to cutting

Timeline for Production

  • 10 weeks once all fabrics and trims are in house, order is placed, and deposit is received

Other things to consider for timeline

  • Where the product is being made
  • How many pre-approvals will be required
  • If special trims or buttons are required and when we receive them
  • Embroidery


  • A 50% deposit is required at the time fabric is ordered, again unless custom fabric in which case 100% of the fabric cost required, no other deposit will be required
  • Balance due at the time of delivery.

Custom Colors

  • Swatches will be sent for any color customization for approval
  • Fabric must be purchased upfront minimum quantities are required

Samples/Fit Line

  • If possible, we would like a sample of the garment in order to create a pattern
  • A separate charge will be applied of we have to create a pattern, this will be billed separately
  • We strongly recommend a fit line. We can provide a similar garment from our stock
  • If we create a sample for you the cost is 2 times the production cost, however when the production order is placed you will be credited 50% of the sample price


  • A DST file must be provided before production can start
  • We can create a DST for you for $5.75 per 1000 stitches

Custom Buttons

  • Provided by you or your customer, we do not source buttons

*Custom Garments are not returnable.